We love to see competition. Good competition that is so it will push us further to deliver the best.  But certainly we do not want to see new entrants like the below mentioned people. We have detected that some pathetic newcomers to the market have been republishing our content as their own. Yet they brag about giving top quality services to their clients. How can a person do that when they don’t have the knowledge to write their own sales copy. Grow up.  There must be some sort of standardization to the Sri Lankan web design industry to prevent losers like this from entering. that will do a world of good to both performing companies and to the industry as a whole.

Original content from our Domain registration page



Content is copied by www.slwebnet.com | SLWEBNET is a Web Designing & Web Solutions Company based in Sri Lanka submitting cost effective… slwebnet

Another one copying the same content… Webview Creation Technoloagy | Web design sri lanka | web Hosting sri lanka. Link to the page of copyright violation


Shame, this one did not even bother to remove our company name. What a joke. Web Hosting | Siyapath Arana WEB DESIGN Link to violation page



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