Wow. What a fantastic couple of hours yesterday (27th of July). Although crashing servers didn’t help we somehow managed to uphold the biggest fan web site launch in Twitter. See the pic below. It was the highest trending topic for almost 4 hours in India and still among the top 5 at the time of writing.

The biggest launch was planned months before and we were sceptical of how much actual traffic we are going to get. We were waiting for the influx at 5pm when the announcement was made but never through more than 1 million would try to jump in right at the moment. There was no control, there was no order. Hits came pouring down and the server got slower by the second until it crashed eventually. After so many months of planning at the very peak of the moment everything is gone. So we thought. So the SRK admins in India thought. We were flooded with emails, tweets and IMs. Do something!!!

And we did. We got our team together. Added a whole new server infrastructure within minutes including a 8GB RAM server and a load balancer to divert traffic and got the site back to it’s feet within the first hour. Still we could measure 6+ lakhs plus visits in the first 20 minutes and the word got out that the site is back. Again we were hit with a bucket load of visits. This time the servers stood their ground and stood well. One of the most remarkable projects we’ve been part of is now available for the entire world to see.

The comments from users were awesome. So glad after all these years we managed to do something that reached a global audience and receive immensely positive feedback for it. When they(SRK admins in India) tweeted  about the development team our personal Twitter were flooded with mentions, re-tweeets and messages. It was a fitting experience considering the amount of innovation we put in to this project. It has everything a Shah Rukh Khan fan can imaging. Visit and see. The mighty SRK himself endorsed the site. See below.

We have plans to continuously improve the site listening to user input as well as optimizing the performance, security and usability. Making the SRK universe the biggest fan site in the world. If it is not already.

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