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Finally it’s here. It’s been almost an year since we started developing the new face of www.mclanka.com. It was hard to find time between client projects to do our own. After two sleepless night we were managed to get it going. This newest version is fully wordpress based and extendible. A custom slider with a unique effect that is rarely seen on the net. Thanks to our skilled developers we were able to make it run smoothly and on almost every modern browser. Most of the old features are continued in an improved way. The quote form (figure 1) is a much improved and simpler version than what we had in the past.

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figure 1

Also we have included the team page. Where our staff members have their say.

Some huge improvements over web hosting Sri Lanka page lets people order a hosting package on the same page without going through a lengthy process.Payment options are as usual and eZcash is on the way.

Portfolio section is completely redesigned to visually showcase the work we have done.Features like live chat support, newsletter signup & customer login are soon to be added features.

You all are welcome to visit our site and suggest improvement by commenting.

The best suggestion will receive a boat load of appreciation. 😀


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