Quite probably the world’s first neighbor relationship management system. Neighbors connect target a unique group of people in the society. People who are living in urban flats and condos. Mostly they have little or no time to interact with their neighbors due to busy schedules. So in light of common issues such as water leakage, power failure, low maintenance by managing agents or an annoying neighbor people often wait till someone responsible notices. Most of the time the problem grows big affecting the entire community. So to facilitate communication and interactivity, the system has several built in features like public discussions, private messaging, document sharing, polls, voting & a services directory.

Also an inbuilt quotation system is there so residents can express their opinion to the building management on selecting service providers will level the playing field and facilitate harmony between stakeholders. We are adding features as we go to the system depending on user queries and behavior. For us this was a great opportunity to learn and experience new grounds in PHP framwork & Ajax development.

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