Last week was a week of excitement as Google rolled out the things they have being doing in the past year and their plan for the future. From a large set of updates and new ideas we picked up 5 things that we think will surely be influential for everyone using Google products. That is 95% of all internet users.

Talking search

Google-Search-for-Finally Google has managed to rival Apple’s siri with this amazing toy. Now you do not have to be an apple user to witness this technological marvel. Pretty soon your low end desktop will get the power of AI through Google’s chrome browser. So you will have a PC that talks back at you. To start a conversation just ay “Okay, Google”





Google plus images manipulation and interface changes

google_plus_new_interfaceGoogle plus was never a threat to Facebook. Well, up until now. Google has rolled out some astonishing new features that not only looks good but gives the user a boat load of information with a brand new interface. They have added 41 new features to G+ and some of them are listed below.

For starters they have redesigned their feed interface for G+ and now it looks much like pinterest. It is responsive and you can flip each block and drill down to more information and past stories under the same subject/person. Which is what I would call a  3D feed. Not only you can go up and down the page, you can go through the page. Plus there are a few eye catching animation effects as well.

For images not only you can produce professional photographs with your over exposed camera shot you can publish animated GIFs without having to create them. How do they do it? Well they have analyzed and created an expert system which mimics what professional do with their expensive tools. So if you image does not have enough colors depth, red eye or over exposure they apply filters and make them viewable. Plus G+ knows that if those photos contain your loved ones or relatives based on previous photos and it will automatically gives those photos priority in the album. The really cool thing is if you have shots in a sequence (burst shot) G+ will automatically create an animated GIF. Wow.

Google maps improvements

Google completely rebuilt the popular application, most of which point to a Maps that could become one of your best friends. As with Google Now, Maps will use available personalized information from various Google sources to make recommendations of places to see on your trip, and Cards will show photos and prime information about a location.

There are also StreetView-like images of local businesses, interior photos of restaurants and other public businesses assembled from user-provided photos, and Google Earth-like 3D flyovers of cities. Just in case that isn’t awesome enough, zoom way, way out until you see the Earth, doing its celestial rotation in real-time.


Back down on planet Earth, there’s a handy new cross platform single sign-on, so that multi-device users can sign on with Google on one device and then continue signed on as they migrate between Google SSO-supported Web locations or apps on Android devices.

Play store and educators store

Google Play has introduced new ways of trakcking your app stats and monetizing them. Plus they have redesigned their interfaces to allow a more seamless experience. Also they have designed the new app updates in a way that all the previous apps when they received updates had to completely download the APK file and install on top of the existing, but now only the updated part of the APK is getting downloaded. Saving tons of mobile data bandwidth.

Google has put a lot of effort it seems in getting in to the minds of the young generation. They have rolled out chrome book. A lightweight notepad with the intention of replacing “one laptop per child” with their laptop. 🙂 together they have given the educators and content creators around the world some huge opportunities to publish their content, mainly through chrome.


We all love gaming. Recognizing that gaming will be a multi-billion dollar business (it already has) Google is wise enough to grant game developers with some new tools that will change gaming forever. Gone the days that you needed a powerful PC to play the latest multiplayer games. Now few friends with tablets or smartphones (yes I said smartphones, not android specifically) can get together and play a racing game from different parts of the world. Also it wont be long that we can play real time multilayer through G+ as well.

Here is the video of the keynote held on 15th, May 2013.

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