We all love fans right? So as your business. So does not matter what type of business you run, regardless of the market you will actually be cateringĀ  to some segment of society. Specially now a days where everything is getting on-line the importance of having a people admiring you on the web is crucial for long lasting growth. What better place to do that than on Facebook! Where FB is actually getting more traffic than Google these days.

At Maya we are constantly researching on new ways to market stuff on-line. As such over the years we have had several success stories on Facebook with Fan pages such as Education Sri Lanka and Sarasavi.lk. Where we were able to generate continuous income simply by running Facebook ads and organic campaign to market our Fan Pages. With the new design of Facebook fan pages rolling out on March 31st 2012 they have made it even more easier to reach your target audience with viral endorsement of your products and services. So why wait? Even if you don’t have a web site yet Facebook alone will help you to get more inquiries to your product or service.

If you don’t know how to do it? or simple don’t have time to venture into a new Channel of marketing?

Let us handle the burden for you. With the expertise of over 3 years in Facebook Marketing Campaigns we guarantee that you will get 1000 + fans to your fan page regardless of the niche that you are in within a MONTH or your money back (which we never had to šŸ˜€ ). Yes, believe it. If you are into a retail business then it’s even better.

We guarantee not 1000 but 2x more. 2000 + fan base within a month.

That way from next month onwards there is a group of people ready to listen to what you have to say at zero cost. You can’t beat that.

So contact our by simply replying to this email or sending it to info@mclanka.com to get a feel for the adventure ahead. The starting fee is 5,000 LKR and we will cover everything including your first 1000 fans with a little more investment. Trust us. It is worth more than the cost. 1000 times more.

So take the decision today. It’s facebook marketing to everyone.

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