Ceylon Asset Management (, A long time client of ours who are operating in the financial industry has made a giant leap forward. They are introducing the first dollar bond fund in Sri Lanka so the outside investors can take part in the developing nation’s economy. Basically what this means is for the first time foreigners are allowed to invest their money in US dollars to leading Sri Lanka Government issued bonds. Providing a top of the line interest rate of 4-5% as opposed to 1-2% in other developed countries. Due to the stability and government guarantee upon the bonds the international Fitch ratings has issued a BB- rating which is establishes the new fund credibility in the international arena.

Couple with the Deutsche Bank as the primary custodian of the fund Ceylon Asset Management is on their way to explore new grounds for financial industry in Sri Lanka.

So where does we fit in? As always we come up with IT solutions. In this case the primary tools for Ceylon Asset Management to market their new fund as well as the existing portfolio is through the web. It is of immense importance  that the web site and related backend systems deliver a top notch solution. So we have delivered. A brand new makeover which replaced the outdated website with latest design trends, HTML5 and CSS3 elements and the heavily thought mobile layout tailor made for the site. We are not big fans of generic templates as they are not suitable for unique requirements and especially when a company is trying to market their brand image online.

Couple with the site we are also offering a mobile app that allows their current investors to check on the latest fund stats daily. We have plans to extend the app offering the capability to manage their portfolio through the app itself. Saving precious time.


Yesterday (30th of July) at Taj Samudra the fund was launched in grand style in the presence of various government and foreign officials. Our MD Ian Iddamalgoda lunched the site in front of the audience as well as the mobile app which was appreciated highly by both local and foreign participants.

Checkout the new site at

App will be available to download through the website as well as respective app stores in very near future.


Managing Directors Speech.

“Good evening all.

For five years we have been working with Ceylon asset management and in this moment I am very proud to say that . Ceylon asset management is a company that always move and adopt to the trends in Sri Lankan market. As you all know by introducing  tourism sector fund, financial sector fund, IPO fund, participating in Bloomberg interviews… we think they always saw the big picture before anyone else in Sri Lanka. They may not be the biggest but they are the best innovator in the industry.

Maya creations is a company which always admire the out of the box thinkers like Dulindra Fernando and his team, and specially revolutionary companies like Ceylon Asset Management. So we thought of taking their giant leap a one step further. Then we discussed  If they are going to be the first Sri Lankan company to introduce dollar bond fund why not we make them to be the first company to offers a fund rates alert mobile app for their customer base.

As the world is all ready moved from desktop to smart phones and tablets even in the local stats , mobile market is the most trending market in Sri Lanka. If we do this for them, they are going to be huge. After a great effort in very limited time finally we did it.

Congratulations Ceylon Asset Management and this is our gift to you guys for what you are doing for the industry and Sri Lanka as a whole.

Good luck to you all.”


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