Angunakolapelessa web site launch at the hands of Hon. Basil Rajapaksha on 1st of Feb 2013

Visit to witness the true penetration of IT in Sri Lanka. When we first got the call we were a bit hesitant and skeptical on how exactly to manage such a project considering the low penetration of IT in such rural areas. But it could not be further from the truth. We never visited them in person. They never visited us. But together we were able to release a one hell of a content filled site with professional yet engaging graphics, loads of relevant information and in fully unicode compatible format. This is one of the few sites that we did totally in Sinhala. From navigation to user friendly URLs every-word of the fronted is Sinhala.

The site consist of latest administrative, financial and social information about the councils activities. News, project development and even vegetable prices on the market is available through this system. Our state of the art backoffice offers great assistance to the content team we trained remotely from Colombo. And they are doing an amazing job managing the web site content without ruining the integrity as 90% of the other client side content managers do.

All in all this was a classic example of remote project management as well as working with a great group of people who gives us their support in every way possible to accomplish project goals. We wish them best of luck in their efforts to develop the region.

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